Religious/Ethnic Harmony

Religion they say is the opium of the people and truly most politicians in Nigeria have been using the influence of religion negatively. It is either they use it to curry votes for themselves or they use it to pit innocent Nigerians against one another. We will no longer accept this because it is clear that if really our leaders love God, they will do everything to lead well but what we see in Nigeria is the contrary.

There is also power in variety and the multiple ethnic groups in Nigeria are supposed to be a blessing, but most of our politicians have also take undue advantage of the differences to divide and rule Nigerians in a bid to use our resources for themselves, families and collaborators alone while others and even those from their ethnic groups suffer in abject poverty.

Enough of this deceit. God created every human being and we will henceforth treat every Nigerian as a human being and not based on his or her ethnic background.

Enough is Enough. Join us and let us work for a new Nigeria where everyone will be treated equally irrespective of ethnic and religious affiliations. Join NCM and let us move Nigeria forward together.


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