The women arm of NCM is mainly to mobilise and enlighten women on why women must take the front seat in the 2023 elections and beyond to determine who rule Nigeria right from the States to the Federal levels.

Women are the base of any society and once things go wrong at the centre,the base and of course the entire family and nation will suffer.
Women should not fold their hands and watch their children and husbands being maimed and killed daily due to bad governance. It is no longer easy to take care of the home because of rising cost of living due to economic mismanagement of the resources of Nigeria.

Women are tempted daily to betray their marital vows because of just the need to survive.
Even the women in the position of power today don't seem to represent the general interest of women in the society.

The time has come to THINK NEW and bring capable men and women to lead our dear country from 2023 onward.

Enough of crises that are wasting our men,children and making more women to become widows daily in Nigeria.

Enough is Enough.


Join us from wherever you are either in Nigeria or in the Diaspora and let us mobilise for the real change that will make Nigeria a wonder on earth. Join NCM and let us move forward together.