The youths of Nigeria have been badly wounded due to the gross mismanagement of our resources by leaders in Nigeria.

Many youths have been forced into various vices that they may not ordinarily have gone into because of hardship. Youths are recruited for thuggery at the peril of them losing their lives and the politicians don't care. Youths are daily straying into prostitution and fraudulent activities just to survive the self imposed hardship by corrupt politicians on our dear country.

The time is now for the youths of Nigeria to rise up to the challenge and THINK NEW to vote in fresh hands to run the affairs of our nation.

We hereby call on you to join us and support the vision of NCM because we are determined more than ever before to change the leadership narrative in Nigeria to the benefits of all Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora.

If you believe in this cause, join us and let us change the face of Nigerian politics for the better.
Let us scout for new personalities that are God fearing to lead us in Nigeria.

Register with NCM now and be a volunteer to move Nigeria to higher heights.


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