Every project needs finance to excel but our vision is for all Nigerians to contribute to the success of the NCM project.

We are not looking for money bags who will fund us and control our conscience.

Nigeria equally belongs to all of us and unless we contribute our tokens to fund good projects and even support good politicians that may not have the capacity to campaign effectively, we will keep on falling into the traps of those who have stolen Nigeria's money and only bring it out during elections to buy votes.


Even in the United States of America and other developed democracies in the world, it is the citizens that fund the activities of politics and politicians so that nobody will have the excuse of becoming corrupt because he or she wants to recoup what they spent during elections.

Join us today to raise fund for this movement by donating and calling on your friends, relations and colleagues to donate also.

Our financial books are open and transparent for anyone that wants to check on us. We are a disciplined and patriotic people who are just out to change the narrative for good in Nigeria.

God cannot bless us as a nation so much and we are still suffering. Make your donations today and also join other arms of NCM where you can function properly.


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