National Stakeholders Meeting - Q1 2021

  • 15 Apr
  • Venue: NCM Headquaters, Lagos.

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It is already over 2 decades down the line and our hopes are still hanging in the balance. Elections and re-elections have taken place. But our hopes remained dashed. Nigerians are still hungry. The country remains sick and lacking in all indices of development.

Poverty, unemployment, poor health care system, embattled educational system, dead-traps roads, poor housing system, high level of insecurity, lack of press freedom, human rights violations, low minimum wage, low power supply and ceaseless bloodletting. The list is ad infinitum.

The country is presently bedeviled by all kinds of ills. The internal pressures are pushing it towards implosion. Nigeria is at the cross roads. Nigeria is at the precipice. Nigeria requires urgent leadership intervention without which it faces doom of break down or break up
  • Our guest today puts it this way: “Inclusion is like being invited to a party, but belonging is like having your music playing at the party.”
  • Hailing from Mississippi, Hank is a designer at heart and a self-titled creative decision-maker. He does a lot of illustration work, a little bit of branding, and a bit of art direction with an agency in Birmingham, AL. In short, Hank’s a man of many talents and titles.
  • In episode 66, Chris Do talks with art director, illustrator and public speaker, Hank Washington. They talk about their experience and feelings about public speaking, finding your voice when giving talks, and how to feel at home in the design world as a person of color.

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